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You know that annoying feeling when you suddenly realize that you’ve forgotten something for your trip?!?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!!

My Travelificent Moments has all the templates you need for everything you should do before you go on a trip, and that way you won’t forget a single thing!!

Prepare yourself in time and plan your next trip like a pro with a little help of our templates for:

  • Transfer and accommodation details
  • Visa and vaccine requirements
  • Expenses tracking
  • Packing checklist

Explore your destinations even before arriving there and find out more about:

  • Tipping
  • Life standard
  • Local legends
  • History
  • Traditions
  • Cultural differences
  • Take recommendations from your friends or travel groups, write them down and get the most of your trip

Have a carefree start of your next adventure and enjoy!

Explore outside of your routine and create epic memories with our colorful pages.

We’ve prepared for you lots of interesting things to make your travel even more fun and memorable:

  • #travelificentchallenge – prepare yourself to step out of your comfort zone and make epic travel stories to tell
  • photo themed recommendations – fill out your book with everlasting moments and have fun in the process
  • collecting pages – because all of those tickets, sugar packages, beer coasters…need their place in the book and not just to be forgotten in drawers and bags

We’re all about lasting memories and having fun while doing it!


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Nothing suits 2020/2021 travelers life better than our TRAVELIFICENT BOX

No matter if you are planning a new trip or staying at home and daydreaming about the previous one.

This box will be your new best “dreaming about travel” buddy

TRAVELIFICENT BOX comes in 2 sizes  and  contain everything one travelholic should have

BIG BOX: (Travelificent t-shirt +travel backpack+ travel book + reusable face mask)

SMALL BOX: (Travelificent t-shirt + travel box+ reusable face mask)




Nothing beats a comfy t-shirt while exploring the world.

Our TRAVELIFICENT T-SHIRT is made specially  for ultimative travelholics.

The ones who are always thinking about travels and places they want to go. It’s created by travellers for travellers.

They come in all sizes with several different #travelfacts and are made of the finnest fabric for daily travel comfort


  • 160 g/m
  • 97% cotton / 3% elastane
  • Crew neck
  • White color
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Our story

Hey there! We’re Marko & Viktorija, travel couple from Croatia and creators of My TRAVELIFICENT moments book.

We have found love for traveling on our 2nd-anniversary trip back in 2012, and we haven’t stopped since! Every occasion is an excuse to book ourselves a trip and explore all the wonderful places we haven’t seen yet!

With more traveling, we wanted to remember all the great times we had (Marko has a very bad memory, so this was essential :D), and after a few self-made scrapbooks, we came up with the idea of „My TRAVELIFICENT moments“

We had a simple goal: To give people an easy way to keep their magnificent travel moments in one place, one book.

The idea was to unify traveling and scrapbooking via interesting templates to make your trips easier to organize, more fun, and one place where you can put all those small keepsakes and incredible memories you want to keep.

Our biggest wish is to form a community of people who would share their travel experiences and moments through our scrapbook pages.

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