Stuck somewhere between a planner, scrapbook, diary and photo album “My travelificent moments” is everything you need for your next travel adventure. It is divided in 3 parts– before, during and after the trip, and it contains activities that will keep you both informed and entertained. Years from now it will remind you of all the details of your trip ❤️

What is so special about “My travelificent moments“ ❓

  • It has 128 different pages and each page has a unique colorful design
  •  It has high quality paper (140g/m2) so you can write/draw/stick whatever you like inside and it won’t copy to the other side of the page
  • Numerous interesting templates so you can easily fill it out and save all your favorite travel memories
  • Collecting pages so you can keep all those small keepsakes in just one place like tickets, napkins, candy wrappers, left over currency etc.
  • „Ticket pocket“ on the inside of the covers so you can save tickets from airplane, train, museums, attractions… and that way you will never ever lose them
  • It has interesting challenge pages so you can spice up your trip a little bit #travelificentchallenge
  • it’s easy to carry it around since it weighs 660 grams, which is about one bottle of water
  • It has hard cover so it won’t destroyed easily
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We all  know that annoying feeling when you suddenly realize that you’ve forgotten something for your trip, but not any more, we’ve got you covered! My Travelificent moments has all the templates you need for everything you should do before you go on a trip, and that way you won’t forget a single thing!!

Prepare yourself in time and plan your next trip like a pro with a little help of our templates for:

  • Transfer details
  • Accommodation details
  • Visa and vaccine requirements
  • Expenses tracking
  • Packing checklist

Explore your destinations even before arriving there and find out more about:

  • Tipping
  • Life standard
  • Local legends
  • History
  • Traditions
  • Cultural differences
  • Take recommendations from your friends or travel groups, write them down and get the most of your trip. Have a carefree start of your next adventure and enjoy!

Explore outside of your routine and create epic memories with our colorful pages. We’ve prepared for you lots of interesting things to make your travel even more fun and memorable:

  • #travelificentchallenge – prepare yourself to step out of your comfort zone and make epic travel stories to tell
  • photo themed recommendations – fill out your book with everlasting moments and have fun in the process
  • collecting pages – because all of those tickets, sugar packages, beer coasters…need their place in the book and not just to be forgotten in drawers and bags

 Fill out pages you’ve missed, save your photos & journal your time spend on the road, write down:

  • Things you liked or didn’t like
  • Overall impressions
  • What have you learned about that place
  • Things you will remember that place by
  • Happiest memory

When you’re done, be sure to put your TRAVELIFICENT book on a visible place and relive your favorite travel moments anytime you open it !We’re all about lasting memories and having fun while doing it!