My travelificent moments


What is “My travelificent moments”?

My travelificent moments is a travel planner/scrapbook/photo album dedicated to all those travel lovers who would like to keep track of their journeys but simply don’t know how to.

It is divided in 3 parts before, during and after the trip. It contains activities that will keep you both informed and entertained.


What is so special about “My travelificent moments“ ❓

✔️ It has 240 different pages and each page has a unique colorful design

✔️ It has high quality paper (140g/m2) so you can write/draw/stick whatever you like inside and it won’t copy to the other side of the page

✔️ It has numerous interesting templates so you can easily fill it out and save all your favorite travel memories

✔️ It has collecting pages so you can keep all those small keepsakes in just one place like tickets, napkins, candy wrapers, left over currency etc.

✔️ It has „Ticket pocket“ on the inside of the covers so you can save tickets from airplane, train, museums, attractions… and that way you will never ever lose them

✔️ It has interesting challenge pages so you can spice up your trip a little bit #travelificentchallenge

✔️ it’s easy to carry it around since it weighs 660 grams, which is about one bottle of water

✔️ It has hard cover so it won’t destroyed easily 📚

Basically it has everything you need to properly plan a trip and save all those beautiful moments in just one place.

Years from now it will remind you of all the details of your trip ❤️




Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 2.5 cm