TRAVEL BOX (JOURNEY) – my travelificent moments + tote bag + notepad


What does this box contains?

  • Colorful travel diary to keep all your adventures in one place 
  • Travelificent tote bag with cool (and so appropriate) travel designs for every traveler out there
  • Unique travel designed notepad for your office or home. You can choose between 4 different designs.

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Stuck somewhere between a planner, scrapbook, diary and photo album “My travelificent moments” is everything you need for your next travel adventure. It is divided in 3 parts– before, during and after the trip, and it contains activities that will keep you both informed and entertained.

You can put all those small keepsakes that you want to keep but will eventually lose and cherish them in just one place. Years from now it will remind you of all the details of your trip ❤️ This book is dedicated to all those travel lovers who like to travel in an organized manner and keep all their favorite travel memories in the cover of a book, not just in a digital form. On its 240 different color pages, this planner offers something for everyone, regardless of preferred travel style and choice of location.


  • 240 different pages
  • Full color pages
  • Unique design
  • High quality paper (140g/m2)
  • Weight 660 g/m (approximately one bottle of water)
  • Ticket pocket (on the inside of the covers)
  • Challenge pages (#travelificentchallenge)
  • Hard cover


Because you need to put all those awesome travel stuff somewhere. Regardless of the season we are in, a bag is high on the list of key clothing items and fashion accessories in every girls wardrobe. In addition to the fact that you can put in it all those essential things that you want to have close at hand, our bag also combines its practical function with some interesting travel designs that will  add context to every travel combination you might wear during your trip. The bag comes in neutral color, it’s made of 100% cotton and it is very practical and easy to use.


  • 310 g/m
  • 100% cotton
  • Size: 42x38cm
  • The length of the handles: 70cm
  • Neutral color



Perfect for organizing your workweek or Christmas shopping list. Great for keeping to-dos simplified

  • A5 format
  • 50 tear-off sheets
  • soft white card-stock base
  • glue above